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CCI Satisfied Client Spotlight: Anne Hunter - Children Food & Fitness Online Blog

Project was a collaborative effort in partnership with Cathy Milby of  PASS-IT, LLC.

“Chrystal Willis of Chrystal Clear Image and Cathy Milby of PASS-IT, LLC. provided me with excellent technical and design services! Ms. Willis and Ms. Milby are both experienced website designers who work as a team to provide exceptional IT and client services. Their professionalism enabled me to focus on writing quality articles, while they established my blog website.

Whenever problems arose in the project, Ms. Willis and Ms. Milby addressed the issues and worked diligently to resolve them while keeping me “in the loop”. Ms. Willis and Ms. Milby conducted phone conferences when necessary to discuss certain issues, and maintained contact via email to maintain the lines of communication.

I highly recommend both Chrystal Clear Image and PASS-IT, LLC. for the positive impact they will have on any potential client businesses. Chrystal Clear Image and PASS-IT, LLC. created a logo and a blog website for me that I never would have dreamed. An earlier roadblock that Chrystal Clear Image and PASS-IT, LLC encountered while building my website through a platform did not stop them from ensuring that I received the highest service possible and I am beyond pleased with the end result!”

- Anne Hunter, www.childrenfoodandfitness.com

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